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YG Trainees on Yang Hongseok, “He Is Like A Sly Old Fox”

XSportsNews - The atmosphere got stiff in “MIX & MATCH” episode 3 with the introduction of new trainee Yang Hongseok.

In the latest episode, Yang Hongseok introduced himself by saying, “I was born in April in 1994. All these things have happened in only two weeks for me, so I feel nervous. I never imagined I would ever do this with you.”

Yang Hongseok then led the conversation saying “Now I’d like to ask you to introduce yourselves”. Kim Jinhwan said his age and asked, “If it’s okay, let’s be friends” since they're born the same year.

Kim Jinhwan then revealed his honest thoughts in an interview, “Because of the situation we are in, his first impression was not that good”. Koo Joonhoe also said, “He feels like a sly old fox a little bit. I don’t like him.” B.I also expressed his resistance saying, “I don’t think I’ll ever like him.”