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Mix & Match Episode 9 (Eng Sub)


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Yang Hongseok and Jung Jinhyung to Stay in YG

The recent ending of “Mix & Match” had everyone abuzz especially with the inclusion of the original Team B members in YG Entertainment‘s newest boy group iKON with the addition of Jung Chan Woo. However, the question of what will happen to the remaining members, Yang Hong Seok and Jung Jin Hyung, remain afloat for the show’s loyal viewers and fans.

YG Entertainment put all the rumors to rest as the two trainees decided to stay with the company. A YG representative said, “Yang Hong Seok and Jung Jin Hyung had a one-on-one meeting with CEO Yang Hyun Suk and decided to stay. It’s not that the two members lack anything and that’s why they got eliminated from ‘Mix & Match,’ but the main reason is that compared to the other members they had the least time to grasp the training life. However with this, they expressed their firm stance that they want to remain in the company.”

The representative further added their intent to support the trainees and said: “We will be providing Yang Hong Seok and Jung Jin Hyung with the proper facilities in training through the access to training rooms in the YG (building) and hopefully they will grow from this. If they have shown great improvement with all the training they will receive, hopefully they will be able to debut through YG.”

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Final lineup revealed for YG’s iKON

The votes have been tallied and the fans have spoken. All of the original members of Team B will officially be debuting as YG Entertainment’s newest boy band, iKON.

After six months of filming, with intense song and dance battles that tested the limits of a handful of K-pop idol hopefuls, YG’s “Mix & Match” weekly boy band survival program has concluded.

Former “WIN: Who Is Next?” Team B contestants Gu Jun-hoe, Song Yun-hyeong and Kim Dong-hyuk, as well as newcomer Jung Chan-woo, received the most fan votes, earning themselves a spot in YG’s new boy band.

Earlier this year, the agency ― home to Psy, Big Bang, 2NE1 and Epik High ― launched yet another reality program to create a seven-member boy band.

The show was a spin-off of last year’s popular “WIN: Who Is Next?” TV series, which created Winner ― YG’s first boy group since it debuted Big Bang nine years ago.

“Mix & Match” featured all the members of last year’s losing Team B. However, in a twist, YG head Yang Hyun-suk revealed prior to the show’s broadcast that long-time YG trainees B.I., Bobby and Jin-hwan had already been preselected to debut as members of iKON, but that the agency would be adding three new faces to the mix ― trainees Chan-woo, Jung Jin-hyeong and Yang Hong-seok ― for a total of nine contenders.

The six competing participants performed mission after mission in hopes of securing one of the four remaining spots in iKON. As the title of the show suggests, the members were mixed and matched into various teams to see which members best complimented the already confirmed members of the group.

The nine-episode survival program aired its first show in September and has garnered attention across Asia, leading to the trainees visiting Japan and China to give overseas fans the opportunity to vote for the member they wish to see debut. With fan voting, both global and local, counting for 70 percent of the weighted total and the 30 percent representing the votes from artists and members of the YG family, the fate of the six contestants was finally sealed Thursday in the show’s final episode.

In ranking order, the global fans chose Gu, Song, Kim and Chan-woo. The YG family votes had Gu coming out on top, with Song tied in second place with Donghyuk ― whose final performances landed him votes from G-Dragon, Taeyang and Daesung of Big Bang as well members from 2NE1 ― and Jung coming in the final fourth spot.

Although the final results may not have come as such a shock to avid viewers of the show, the overall tally showed newcomer Chan-woo being voted in before original Team B member Donghyuk, which may have come unexpected to some.

Whether Jin-hyeong and Hong-seok, who failed make it as members of iKON, will succeed elsewhere in the K-pop industry remains to be seen. YG representative Yang stated in the past that it would be, “difficult for (whichever two members lost out) to make their debut at YG.”

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Mix & Match Episode 9 (Full Video)

Episode 9 of Mix & Match:


Donghyuk Announced as iKON's Last Member

Donghyuk has just been announced as the last member of iKON.


YG Adds Chanwoo to iKON Lineup

Jung Chanwoo has been confirmed as the 6th member of iKON.

The last member will be revealed tomorrow on Mix & Match.


Mix & Match Episode 8: Sinosijak/시노시작 (Multi-Cam)

Donghyuk Version:

Junhoe Version:


Mix & Match Episode 8: Long Time No See (Multi-Cam)

Jinhyeong Version:

Yunhyeong Version:


Song Yunhyeong Confirmed as 5th Member of YG's iKON

Song Yunhyeong has just been confirmed as the 5th member of YG Entertainment's new boy group iKON via the agency's official blog YG Life.


Bobby to Feature in New YG Unit

YG Entertainment has just announced through YG Life that iKON's Bobby will feature in the debut of the agency's new unit composed of Lee Hi and another female artist set to be revealed tomorrow.

The single from this new in-house collab project will be released on November 11, 2014.


Mix & Match Episode 8: Sinosijak/시노시작 Practice Cut (Eng Sub)

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Mix & Match Episode 8: Long Time No See Practice Cut (Eng Sub)

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Junhoe Confirmed as iKON's 4th Member

YG Entertainment has announced the 4th confirmed member of its new boy group iKON– Koo Junhoe!


Mix & Match Episode 9: Preview

Preview of Mix & Match Episode 9:


Mix & Match Episode 8 (Eng Sub)

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