New Survival Show on Mnet for YG's New Boy Group iKON


BI's Sudden Disappearance on Mix & Match Episode 3, Why?

OSEN - The leader of iKON, a new boy group produced by YG ENTERTAINMENT (YG), disappeared while shooting ‘MIX & MATCH,’ a survival program to select the members of iKON.

The 3rd episode of ‘MIX & MATCH,’ which will be aired at 11 p.m. on Sep. 25th, features the sudden disappearance of B.I and the other members worrying about him.

B.I just did not show up in the studio the other day, which was very unusual for him, who appeared in channel Mnet’s ‘SHOW ME THE MONEY 3’ and has been managing to juggle the roles of the team leader, composer and choreographer. His sudden disappearance came as a shock to the other members, as he has been very responsible and charismatic as a leader despite his young age.

Fortunately, B.I shortly came back, but his disappearance served as an opportunity to come to know about the burdens B.I had to bear alone and what the other members think about B.I.

The 3rd episode of ‘MIX & MATCH’ also features the first pre-match, which decides on who will be eliminated from the show. The competition between ‘TEAM BOBBY,’ ‘TEAM JIN HWAN’ and TEAM B.I’ will unfold and a contestant is to be eliminated. But this will not be reflected in the final result, and is more like a mock test. The members will perform what they have prepared for a month in front of the judges, namely YG’s main producer YANG HYUN SUK and other YG composers.