New Survival Show on Mnet for YG's New Boy Group iKON


Who Will Be Eliminated from Mix & Match's First Competition?

OSEN - The first competition of YG Entertainment (YG)’s new survival audition program “MIX & MATCH,” a show designed to select members of YG’s new boy band, iKON, will be aired.

In the preview of the show’s third episode on Sept. 22, B.I. says, “Frankly speaking, I wasn’t impressed” when a new member YANG HONG SEOK joins the team, arousing everyone’s curiosity.

It also revealed that a pre-match among the nine members is expected to take place for the first time. Nobody will be eliminated from the pre-match, but it will be an evaluation test to decide who will be eliminated through the showdown of the three teams, Team B.I., Team JIN HWAN, and Team BOBBY.

The members will have a month to prepare to show what they can do in front of the judges including YG’s main producer YANG HYUN SUK and songwriters. Fans are anxiously waiting to find out who will be on the verge of getting eliminated from the show as YANG HYUN SUK intimidates the members by saying, “I don’t know who will be eliminated today, but no one is safe.”

Meanwhile, in the second episode of “MIX & MATCH,” new-face trainees JUNG JIN HYEONG and JUNG CHAN WOO received mixed reviews from YANG HYUN SUK. JUNG JIN HYEONG was criticized for not being able to get mixed well in the team whereas JUNG CHAN WOO was praised for his ability to harmonize with others.

The show’s third episode, scheduled to air at 11 p.m. on Sept. 25, is drawing immense attention as fans are eager to see whether JUNG JIN HYEONG will receive more favorable evaluation than last time, what YANG HONG SEOK has in store for the viewers, and how much the existing members have improved.

“MIX & MATCH” airs every Thursday at 11 p.m via Mnet and NAVER TV CAST while YG’s official blog and NAVER TV CAST offers replay services.

NAVER TV CAST also provides undisclosed “multi-track” images as a bonus to show various images of each member taken from different angles.