New Survival Show on Mnet for YG's New Boy Group iKON


Yang Hyun Suk: Mix & Match Will Be Harsher than Big Bang's Documentary

YG Entertainment president Yang Hyun Suk said he feels like he's selecting a national team.

In episode 2 of Mnet's MIX & MATCH aired on the September 18, the press conference for “MIX & MATCH” was shown.

On that day, Yang Hyun Suk introduced “MIX & MATCH” saying, “Out of nine including six Team B members and three new trainees, two will be eliminated from the competition in this survival program. I think it will be hard for the two make debut through YG.”

When asked about the survival program being too “harsh”, Yang Hyun Suk answeredd, “I think the word ‘harsh’ will be used a lot. I think ‘MIX & MATCH’ will be harsher than Big Bang's documentary.”

He continued, “It's like I’m the coach of a national soccer team. I feel like I’m selecting a national team. It may feel harsh now but I don't feel sorry because I believe the members will grow stronger through this program.“

“MIX & MATCH” is a survival audition program designed to select the members of YG Entertainment’s new boy group iKON. Along with the six members of Team B (BI, Bobby, Kim Jinhwan, Song Yoonhyung, Kim Donghyuk, and Koo Junhoe) of “WHO IS NEXT : WIN” show aired last year, three new YG trainees (Jung Chanwoo, Yang Hongseok, and Jung Jinhyung) will compete in the survival audition.