New Survival Show on Mnet for YG's New Boy Group iKON


IKON to Debut in January, Will Be Promoting All Year Round in 2015

Star News (스타뉴스) - YG Entertainment's new boy group IKON confirmed to debut next year in January.

On the 22nd, YG Entertainment's Yang Hyunsuk revealed through Star News, “IKON will release their debut single in January next year after working for a bit as soon as MIX & MATCH ends.”

He continued, “Unlike Winner who took 10 months to debut since they had to prepare a debut album, IKON's debut preparations will be shorter since they will only release a single just like when 2NE1 debuted. Confirmed IKON member BI has also been working on a lot of songs making it possible for the group to debut right away when MIX & MATCH ends. IKON will be be releasing as many singles as they can next year and will be active in Korea all throughout 2015.”